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Hi, I'm Michael Munie. You may remember me from such places as Naperville, Palo Alto, or France... or from such organizations as Google, Katango, Stanford, Fermilab, or UIUC.

Since 2003 I've kept a list of every book I've finished reading. Here's the list (not up to date, but don't worry, I'm still keeping the list... OFFLINE) along with my comments.
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Traveling, reading, music, languages, math, gardening...
Research Interests
Deep Learning, Multiagent systems, game theory, wikis, rating systems, prediction markets, decision under uncertainty, and social networks.
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Multiagent Research Group
Professor Yoav Shoham
Professor Steven LaValle
Professor Bruce Reznick

Cool Graphic Design
Busy Girl

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Jean He
Greg Munie
Jon Berger
Chris Grier

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